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We supply wear, abrasion and temperature resistant cast and forged components for a variety of industries.

  • Heavy Machine

    Our cast and forged products are available to customers in machine, fabrication and construction.

  • Power Facility Machine

    Yinxiao offers parts and solutions for the extreme environment of gas, steam and hydro turbines.

  • Construction Machine

    Yinxiao supply cast steel for construction machinery and mining machinery is manufactured from the unique process of core castings, with the strongest flexibility and variability to meet the needs of different projects.

  • Textile Machine

    Yinxiao supplies high quality large textile machinery parts. Textile machinery castings are one of the essential machinery castings in textile machinery. We always respond to the diversified needs of customers and provide high-quality machinery parts for large textile machinery and equipment.

  • Agricultural Machine

    Yinxiao has more than 15 years of rapid prototype and production experience in non-standard parts, and is one of the world's leading parts manufacturers in the agricultural machinery industry.

  • Truck & Forklift Machine

    Yinxiao supplies many industries with high-quality components. We design and manufacture a wide range of high quality multi-material parts tailored to meet the individual requirements from different industries.

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