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Metal Surface Treatment
Surface treatment is a process for artificially forming a surface layer on the surface of a base material that is different from the mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of the base body. The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the requirements of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functions of the product.

What is electroplating?

Electroplating is defined as an electrodeposition process in which a metal is applied to a surface by means of an electrode through an electric current in order to change the properties or dimensions of the surface. At present more commonly encountered electroplating: aqueous solution electroplating (rolling plating, hanging plating, continuous plating, electroless plating). Electroplating includes: zinc plating, copper plating, chrome plating, lead plating, silver plating, gold plating, nickel plating, tin plating, cadmium plating, etc.

What is the purpose of electroplating?

The purpose of electroplating is to coat the substrate with a metal coating to change the surface properties or dimensions of the substrate. For example, give the metal luster beautiful, article rust, prevent wear; Improve electrical conductivity, lubricity, strength, heat resistance and weather resistance.
metal surface treatment anodizing
Zinc Plating
The main function of zinc plating on steel parts is to prevent corrosion, and it is the most productive plating of all electroplating qualities. Zinc-plating has the advantages of low cost, good corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and storage resistance, and is widely used in light industry, mechanical and electrical industry, agricultural machinery, national defense and other industries.
metal surface treatment zinc planting
Copper Plating
Copper plating is often used as an intermediate layer of other coatings to improve the adhesion between surface coatings and matrix metals.
metal surface treatment gold plate
Chrome Plating
Chromium in the atmosphere can keep luster, in lye, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and many don't react in the organic acid, chromium plating layer with high hardness and excellent wear resistance and low friction coefficient, so protective decorative chromium plating is often used in coating, prevent substrate metal rust and beautify the appearance, also often used to improve wear resistance of the product or repair the wear and tear.
metal surface treatment Chrome plated
Silver Plating
The coating is used to prevent corrosion and increase conductivity, reflectivity and aesthetics. Widely used in the manufacturing industries such as electrical appliances, instruments, instruments and lighting appliances. The silver plating layer is much cheaper than gold plating, and has high conductivity, light reflectivity and chemical stability to organic acids and alkalis. Much more than gold.
metal surface treatment Silver Plating
Gold Plating
The use of electrolysis or other chemical methods to attach gold to the surface of metal or other objects to form a thin layer of gold.
metal surface treatment Gold Plating
Nickel Plating
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metal surface treatment Nickel Plating