Yinxiao manufacturing, quality service = quality products



Our Values

Our Customers---are the purpose of our business.We will constantly strive to meet or exceed their 


Our Employees---are value dresource. We will treat them fairly,encourage individual  

development and improvement,and empower them in their jobs.


Our Suppliers---are our business partners.We will operate on the basis of mutual trust,

improvement,and fairness and conduct our business in an ethical manner.

Our Community---is our home.We will act lawfully,responsibly and in accordance with laws and 


Our Environment-----is a precious asset.We will act responsibly and in accordance with law and


Our Shareholders-----are entitled to a return on their investment.We will responsibly manage our 

business to prosper.

Our Promise

Continuous development and research, and strive to improve the competitiveness of customers in the market.

Create new systems to reduce quality differences.

Looking for new production methods, reduce customer costs.

Respect customers and employees, and determine people-oriented service concept.

Our Vision
Our vision is to become the global market leader in the rapid prototyping & manufacturing industry and the first reference for machinery companies for high quality components and services. 

Our focus on quality, customer orientation, and professional employees and supply-chain partners is the key success factor for accomplishing our goal. 

We aim to expand our global presence to be your components manufacturing partner wherever you are.

Always insist unsurpassed quality and customer service,period reliable,high-quality metal fabrication services.