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What is cnc machining?
 CNC machining refers to a machining method of controlling the displacement of parts and tools with digital information on a numerically controlled machine.
It is an effective way to solve the problems of various types of parts, small batch size, complex shape and high precision requirement, also helps to achieve high efficient and automated processing. We use CNC machining to not only manufacture parts and prototypes, but also to make mold tools that can be used in our forging and stamping services.
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The step of cnc machining:
1. Analyze the processing drawings and determine the processing process

According to the processing drawings provided by the customer, the craftsman can analyze the shape, dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, workpiece material, blank type, and heat treatment status of the part, and then select the machine tool and tool to determine the positioning clamping device, processing method, and processing Sequence and the amount of cutting. In the determination of the machining process, the command functions of the CNC machine tools used should be fully considered, and the effectiveness of the machine tools should be fully utilized to achieve a reasonable processing route, fewer passes and short processing hours.

2. Reasonably calculate the coordinate value of the tool path

According to the geometric dimensions of the machined part and the programmed coordinate system, the movement trajectory of the center of the tool path is calculated, and all tool position data is obtained. Generally, the CNC system has the functions of linear interpolation and circular interpolation. For contour processing of relatively simple planar parts (such as parts composed of straight lines and circular arcs), only the starting point, end point, and arc of the geometric element need to be calculated Coordinate of the center of the circle (or the radius of the arc), the intersection or tangent of the two geometric elements. If the CNC system does not have the tool compensation function, the coordinate value of the movement path of the tool center must be calculated. For parts with complex shapes (such as parts consisting of non-circular curves and curved surfaces), you need to approximate the actual curve or surface with a straight line segment (or arc segment), and calculate the node coordinate values according to the required processing accuracy.

3. Writing CNC machining program for parts

The tool movement track data and the determined process parameters and auxiliary actions are calculated according to the cutting path of the part. The programmer can write the machining program of the part one by one according to the function instructions and block format specified by the CNC system.
Advantages of CNC machining:
1.High precision machining quality.

2.Multi-coordinate linkage can be processed to machining complex shapes.

3.When to change the machining part, operator generally only need to change the CNC program which can save production preparation time.

4.High degree of automation to reduce labor intensity.

5.Full-featured, available for wide materials.

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