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What is rapid tooling?
The production of products cannot leave the mold. Mold is the basic equipment of industrial production, known as the "mother of industry" title. According to statistics, 75% of the rough processing industrial product parts, 50% of the precision processing parts need to be molded by the mold, and the vast majority of plastic products are also molded by the mold. It is mainly by changing the physical state of the material to achieve the shape of the material processing. Known as the "mother of industry", it is widely used in stamping, hot forging, stamping, precision casting, powder metallurgy parts die casting, die casting, die molding or injection molding engineering plastic products. Yinxiao mould engineer can design and manufacture high precision mould according to product requirements. Rapid molding is a necessary skill for a processing enterprise.
Mold classification can be classified according to three dimensions: molding material, molding method, processing accuracy.

Advantages of rapid tooling:
Rapidness means that a prototype can be created with the design of a three-dimensional surface or volume model of the product. Prototype manufacturing prototypes from CAD design to completion. It only takes hours to ten hours. It is much faster than other methods.

2. Suitable for forming complex parts
When laser parts are used to make parts, no matter how complicated the parts are, they are broken down into two-digit data by computer. There is no simple and complicated part, so it is especially suitable for forming parts with complicated shapes, difficult to manufacture or even impossible to manufacture.
3. Highly flexible
There is no need for traditional processing of clamps and a variety of equipment, parts can be molded on a piece of equipment with a certain function of prototypes and parts. To modify the part, you only need to modify the CAD model, which is especially suitable for single-piece, small-volume production.
4. Highly integrated
Laser rapid prototyping technology transforms CAD data into STL (Rapid Molding Technology Standard Interface) format and begins the rapid prototyping process. The conversion of CAD to STL files is done automatically in the CAD software. The rapid prototyping process is a two-dimensional operation that enables a high degree of automation and programming, ie the formation of complex 3D parts with simple and repeatable 2D operations without special tools and manual intervention.

Precision display: